4 Slick Ways to Boost Online Web Traffic
10 Feb 2016

4 Slick Ways to Boost Online Web Traffic

10 Feb 2016

It’s 2016 and your looking for ways to boost your internet marketing efforts. We’ll we’ve got something for you; here are the top four methods for generating unique online traffic to your business website, boost leads generation & sales.

You can’t expect your business to thrive online in 2016 if you don’t strategize an internet marketing plan to generate targeted traffic to your website. Here are the 4 best traffic generation gems for this new year.

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1. Use of content marketing to gain targeted traffic

Content marketing may be an extreme means of generating qualified traffic to your business website. It is a easy, simple and profitable technique of driving helpful guests to your site. Especially when shared throughout your social media accounts.

We recommend writing a distinctive and unique quality five hundred word Long article / blog post and submit them to varied article directories / forums / social networks nn the web related to the services/product you offer.

Keep in mind these articles should to have links informed back to your business website and knowledge regarding your services / products. This really helps out with your search engine optimization (SEO) as well.

2. Video marketing is a vital tool for traffic generation

Video marketing is one of the best methodology that you should think about using to generate targeted traffic to your business website. Now a majority of people prefer watching & listening than to read super long articles on an irritating and exhausting monitor.

People trust people in the masses more than a single text message. Video marketing enables you to communicate face to face with your customers & potentials. This helps extend trust and therefore lead conversion rates. Pretty much, you’ll want to work with YouTube on some way this year. Check out the example below.

3. Build that email list

After having your website design successfully optimized to increase conversion; one the most significant thing you should do is build on your email mailing list. Your email list is the key to retaining your clients or customers to come back for another visit my friend.

You should set your self up with a good email auto responder service to assist you in  managing your  list efficiently

4. Social Media Marketing

By now i’m sure your tired of hearing this but a business in 2016 should have accounts on social networks like Facebook twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+ etc. Social platforms can generate you a significant supply of traffic if done properly and professionally.

These platforms have countless members and if used well you can drive a vast chunks of targeted traffic to your business website. My best tip is to try combining the other 3 methods you’ve just learned into your social media plan.


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