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What is SEO & How it Can Help Your Business

Understanding the basics of SEO is important if your planning on deploying a search engine optimization strategy for your business; or if your planning on hiring a company like ours to get it done for you.

We’ll were here to make sure you know how search engines like Google, Bing & Yahoo Search operate. When you get the gist of how SEO and search engines work, you’ll understand how and why certain business websites, blogs, and all kinds of articles online get so much traffic online.

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5 Tips & Trends For Effective B2C Marketing

Compared to B2B companies, businesses that serve consumer audiences target a shorter sales cycle because of the cost and nature of purchases.

B2C companies are looking for a complete, one stop sale and focus their strategies, typically, on a single customer segment and not multiple decision makers or influencers.  The following points highlight important factors when considering your B2C strategies.

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