7 Social Media Trends To Watch Out For
09 Jul 2015

7 Social Media Trends To Watch Out For

09 Jul 2015

In 2015 social media marketing is all about mobile. Larger screens are on the rise and Millennials have a smartphone that never leaves the comfort of their sides, whether day or night.

What should social media marketers do to capitalize on these trends in the marketplace? Plan for mobile marketing and then scale up for desktops and laptops, which is the exact opposite of last year’s strategy of marketing to desktops and then scaling down for mobile. Facebook, still the vanguard of social media, has reported earnings that state “mobile daily” and “mobile only” users have grown, despite having spent 4% more on ad spending than the time spent by the percentage of U.S. adult digital media users.

Quality content will continue to define social marketing. Marketers have needed to produce more content, essentially leveraging and re-purposing the content, and this trend will continue. Venues and channels such as social networks, websites, newsletters, organic searches, paid searches, and more, will need to be flooded with this content. Content that is produced at high costs will need to be distributed in multiple ways and on multiple platforms in order to stretch the effectiveness of the marketing message. For consumer markets, social audiences can become a great source of content. This content lends believability to a product or service, since it is being reflected back at a user audience. Creativity in generating these posts and promos will be essential to capitalize on the trust that can be generated by this bounce back social marketing strategy.

Video isn’t only about YouTube anymore. Just a year or two ago, brands were able to submit a TV commercial to YouTube and be done with it. This won’t work in the future, or today. Facebook announced recently that it had more views than YouTube for the year, albeit there was some debate about this due to Facebook’s auto-play feature. Twitter’s Vine channel and even GIFs on Tumblr have also seen a rise in users.

Even though Facebook is still the most prevalent social network, audiences will splinter as diversity presents new opportunities to users. This social diversity will create a serious challenge for brand managers and marketers, especially in the Millennials’ market, which is ever-constantly looking for a voice to represent it.

How do social marketers keep pace with these trends? The bottom line will be to keep informed about where your audiences spend time. Customization and personalization strategies on social channels will need to be analysed deeper and more thoroughly. Social is no longer a free-place market and social marketers will need to invest in social advertising. Forrester recently reported that organic brand interaction for Facebook posts has been limited to 0.073 percent. This means that taking the time to understand audience segmentation and then targeting specific advertising to the right social networking platforms will be critical.

To conclude: Take advantage of Pinterest and Instagram while these platforms’ organic reach and engagement is still in the formation stages, and high. SlideShare will also see increasing engagement in the social market segmentation for the coming year. Focus your social ads on specific markets that have been defined by painstaking research. Keep your social marketing campaigns clean and to the point and diversify them over many social platforms; and don’t forget to leverage/re-purpose your ‘quality’ content throughout.

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