7 SEO Tips for Small to Mid-Sized Companies
23 Apr 2015

7 SEO Tips for Small to Mid-Sized Companies

23 Apr 2015

To businesses who want to gain leads online from SEO — but cant get started

Many small to mid-size companies feel that the time and expense it takes to optimize their website is beyond the available financial resources, and thus out of their marketing plan. Using a company that charges a monthly fee for SEO can be very expensive and may not be in a company’s budget, but just because your company might be small does not mean that you need to have a small online presence. There are some simple tactics that can help to ensure that powerful search engines, like Google, register your web content and bring your company’s site up in a search.

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The most important aspect of SEO is to make your website easy for both search engines and for users to understand the content. Search engine algorithms have become very sophisticated, but they still can’t understand website content the way a human can. Using a well thought out SEO plan can help the search engine to figure out what is on each page and the relevance of the material to the user.

Search engines use algorithms to analyze data on a website page. This means that there will be certain things that you can do to maximize these bots or spiders that the search engine sends into your site, and there are things that you can do to minimize getting penalized in the ranking for something as simple as repeated content, which can confuse the bots that are sent into your site.

The most important of these things is to show adequate material on your site. At a minimum, each page should contain a minimum of 500 words. This content needs to be quality, top notch information that a user will understand. Search engines try to create algorithms that match what a user may be looking for in a search, essentially search engines are there for the user, and not the website owner. So make your site easy to use, with quality, useful content.

It is very important to correctly label the meta data on a website. Be sure to add the titles, keywords, descriptions and other meta tags using an SEO module on your site, or sometimes these are being built right in to the front end editor and are very simple to use. Finding the right keywords is a bit more difficult, which is why SEO companies can charge so much for doing the work that they do. A good way to start to find the right keywords is to enter words and phrases into a search engine until your competition comes up. It takes some time, but if it works it can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Be sure to use links in your site from specific keywords to other pages that may help the user find what they are looking for. As well, use social icons to as many places as you can, Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, LinkedIn, etc. Also, have family, friends, or associates put a link to your site in their website. This helps to raise the ranking of a site for search engines, making the site appear more important and relevant in a search.

It is vitally important to display your contact information on a site clearly and easy to find. Most sites use forms these days in order to avoid having spam bots attack an email account that has been listed on the site, but make sure that your contact form is simple to use, without too many questions that can discourage a user from sending that vital email to your business. Quick responses to queries on your business or products through your website is extremely important, and be sure to include a link to your website in your email footer or signature line. Never forget that your website is a large part of your company’s branding, including the SEO that goes into it.

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